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Feel the Bite of Jaws in Pinball FX3

The second Universal Classics table coming to Pinball FX3 is Jaws, and the latest trailer is a tribute to the movie that any fan will want to sink their teeth into when it releases.

Robert Shaw’s character, Quint, is perched prominently on the bow of a boat, and a plunger in the shape of a fishing rod propels your ball into the dark waters where the shark from Jaws can be seen swimming ominously, before rising from the water to attack. The table is interactive, and it looks incredible.

The table will have different modes, including Quint hunting the shark, hunting swimmers as the shark, and the Raging Sea mode. Raging Sea will require players to fight an angry ocean and an unstable table.

This is another great looking table for the upcoming Pinball FX3. We do not have an official release date yet, but we are dying to see a trailer for their third table dedicated to Back to the Future.

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