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Feel the Need for Futuristic Speed in Xenon Racer

Games have taught us a lot about the future. I know to leave a derelict space craft alone, and I know that ultra fast racing will be huge. Xenon Racer sits squarely in the second category. In the neon covered future of 2030, we will have electric cars utilizing Xenon gas to blast brave competitors around tracks in Tokyo and Dubai. For now, Xenon gas is actually used to power lights and TVs, so we have a few years to make the transition to our Jetsons-esque future.

Xenon Racer is made by, the developer behind All-Star Fruit Racing (review). It should be interesting to see how the team changes parts of the design now that they are working on a second game.

If you are attending the Milan Games Week from October 3rd – 5th, you can check out this game in person. We don’t have a release date yet, but we look forward to giving a try.

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