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Feel the Rage in an Extended Trailer for Rage 2

QuakeCon is off to a great start. That footage for Doom Eternal may make your eyes pop out like an old cartoon, but it’s not the only shooter on display. Rage 2 received an extended trailer showing you more of what makes this open world, explosion porn generator so special. (There are so many explosions. It’s like an 80s cop movie where everything goes kaboom.)

One of the best things I keep hearing about Rage 2 is how there are no loading screens. It’s incredible to be able to cruise around in a high speed chase while living out my Mad Max: Fury Road fantasies with all the pretty effects and not have to crash into a loading screen when I cross an arbitrary line in the world.

They also talked about overdrive. This is your character on steroids. Or more steroids? All of your abilities are cranked up to eleven, and there are some special unlocks that can make your enemies explode in a bloody spray. (See. More explosions.)

Check out the full trailer for more views of the wingstick weapon and the different environments coming in Rage 2 next year.

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