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Feel The Thrill of Tour de France 2020 in the New First-Person Perspective

I’m not much of a cyclist, but this is a cool idea. Tour de France 2020 will be incorporating a first-person perspective into the game. Every downward hill and tight curve in a race can now be seen in-game while looking over your handlebars. The trailer calls it the “new immersive camera”, and it’s as close to being in the race without actually putting in all the effort it takes to be in the race.

With the wind rushing by, you’ll see those curves I mentioned and a lot more. It really gives the feeling of being crammed into a big pack of cyclists and seeing an ocean of other people in very tight shorts ebb and flow during a race. Of course, you can leave them behind and feel the thrill of sprinting ahead too. The trailer shows all of these situations, and it’s worth a watch.

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If you’ve longed to feel the thrill of victory without having to buy a livestrong bracelet, Tour de France 2020 is looking like your kind of game. Along with the new first-person camera, there is better AI, a new interface, more focus on the importance of posture and sprinting in time-trial mode, and the addition of the Liège-Bastogne-Liège, a leg killing 266km race with a lot of tough hills.

You can give all of these improvements a try when Tour de France 2020 speeds to retail on June 4th.

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