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FIA European Truck Racing Championship Out Now on PS4, Race Your Big Rigs in Launch Trailer

Did you know that trucks can drift at high speed? No? I didn’t either, but then I watched the FIA European Truck Racing Championship launch trailer and my entire belief system went straight out of the window. Alright, perhaps I’m being a little dramatic, but I still can’t get over the face that truck racing is a thing and that there’s also a video game based on this bonkers motor sport.

For those who are interested, Big Ben Interactive’s FIA European Truck Racing Championship is out now on PS4 and is available via the PlayStation Store at this link. If you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber, there’s an extra 10% discount off the original price. Not bad.

FIA European Truck Racing Championship is leaning more towards simulation rather than arcade racer, so bear that in mind before you go into it thinking you’ll be able to pull off sick moves with ease. The game includes 45 racing trucks from manufacturers such as Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, Western Star and more. There are also seven circuits taken from the real-life European Truck Racing Championship, as well as six other iconic racing tracks. You’ll have the pick of 20 official teams and driver to choose from when you’re playing single player or multiplayer, which also includes split-screen. Yay! Couch play!

The launch trailer is up above, so give it a watch and marvel at how those gigantic beasts move so gracefully. I’ve only just gotten my hands on review code for the game, so expect a review over the weekend if you’re looking for some council on whether to drop the cash on the game or wait for a sale.

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