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FIA European Truck Racing Championship Releasing July 18th on PS4, Watch Trucks Race in New Trailer

Did you know there was such a thing as truck racing? I certainly didn’t. I’ve seen truckers racing each other to the service station toilet, but I’ve never seen actual trucks racing. Well, it’s a thing and, as with all things these days, there’s a game about it and it’s coming very soon.

The idea that 45-tonne trucks could race one another in any kind of fashion seems daft, but it is indeed a thing. I did a quick Google after receiving the press release, just to double check, and it’s a proper sport with a dedicated fanbase who gather on forums to discuss their favourite drivers, trucks, and tracks. In a world where Bronies are a thing, this isn’t too bad I suppose.

There’s a new gameplay trailer up above that shows us what it’s like to actually race these trucks in a simulation setting. It’s impressive, that’s for sure. Apparently the game leans more on the sim side rather than arcade racing, so expect dynamic weather, individual physics for different trucks, as well as manual manager of breaks and water cooling. Sounds like hard work to me, but we’ll see.

FIA European Truck Racing Championship will release on July 18th for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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