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Fifa 17 Cover Vote Starts Today

Calling all soccer/football fans! You are needed for another yearly round of voting. Your choices (and ability to use Twitter) will decide which star gets featured on the cover of the next Fifa game. This time around you’ll get to choose between Marco Reus of Borussia Dortmund, Eden Hazard of Chelsea FC, Anthony Martial of Manchester United, and James Rodriquez of Real Madrid C.F. The voting starts today and will run through July 20th at 7:59am BST.

To cast your decision you have to open up Twitter and utilise the hashtag #FIFA17CoverReward. With your vote of choice, of course. EA Sports also mentioned that you can support your player even more by using #FIFA17Reus, #FIFA17Martial, #FIFA17James, and #FIFA17Hazard. Also, be sure to tag PurePlayStation so we can see if our lovely readers are our fierce sports rivals. The winner will be announced sometime later in July and here’s a trailer for the cover vote to give you an idea behind all this.

Fifa 17 can be pre-ordered here before it drops on September 27th later this year.

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