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FIFA 19 Demo is Ready For Kick-Off, Download Now

Despite FIFA 19 still being a couple of weeks from launch, fans of the stalwart series can enjoy the latest offering in a demo from today – Thursday, September 13th.

The demo is free, doesn’t require a pre-order, and weighs in at 7.4GB. You’d better get your kit on!

Though it is obviously only a sample of what this year’s release will have on offer, the demo could be described as rather generous. Not only is there a strong roster of teams available (Manchester United, Real Madrid and Juventus, to name just three) but most of 2019’s newest features and revisions are also making their debut.

There are three notable changes to mention:

In-game stat tracking has been overhauled to 1984 standards, allowing players to collate an overwhelming array of information about their matches. These profiles can then be compared between players to decide on who is the best amongst their group.

Active touch gives you a greater degree of control over your first touch on the ball. This is achieved by allowing you to flick the ball up in preparation for a cross, dive to header it away, or dummy it when you’re up against an opponent. These new animations should then ensure your next move is ends up where you intended more often than not. Or still in the stands, if you’re anything like us…

Finally, Timed Finishing offers shooters increased power and accuracy – should they time their second button press well. Failure to get it right, however, will cost them; it may even miss the target completely. Players will have to decide whether the risk is worth the reward, an interesting mechanic in an already tricky part of the pitch. Let’s hope you’re up to the pressure.

FIFA 19 is available in all good, and not so good, retailers from September 28th.

Will you be playing the full 90 minutes in the FIFA 19 demo? Or are you taking it easy on the bench? Warm up with a comment below

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