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FIFA 19 Scores An Own Goal in Physical Sales

FIFA 19 has performed amazingly well in the sales area, becoming the best selling game in the UK of the year so far. But despite its impressive opening week, the numbers do have another story to tell.

Compared to the same period of sales last week, in relation to FIFA 18, the number of physical copies sold was down some 25%. Ouch!

This news is perhaps unsurprising when we consider how digital our world is becoming. But nonetheless it is still an eye opening fact when we remember just how popular it is amongst mumsies/gransies/dadsies who are looking to pick up a nice clean game for their angelic offspring. Just don’t tell them that even football has some shooting in it…

Overall, it could mean one of two things. One, that the game isn’t as popular this year and its sales are down fullstop. Or two, that it has enjoyed an upswing in digital sales to compensate for the loss in physical stock. Unfortunately it’s practically impossible to tell unless the figures are released in full, but it could be that everyone spent their pocket money on Spider-Man and are counting the pennies for a few weeks. After all, it’s FIFA and everyone loves FIFA.

If you happen to be a fan of statistics then here’s another one just for you. 64% of all sales were for the PS4 edition (in comparison, Nintendo’s Switch accounted for a single percent). Oh, and it’s knocked Spider-Man down to number two in the tables.

Have you been having a kick around in FIFA 19? Or are averse to exercise, fake or otherwise? Take a shot below.

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