FIFA 20 Vanarama National League Petition Now Live

FIFA can hardly be accused of lacking in the licences department. And yet last year’s release still found a new league to include amongst the roster – the burgeoning Chinese Super League. This year could also follow suit, but not by a competition you might expect.

That’s because the Vanarama National League is campaigning to make it into FIFA 20. And you can help by signing the online petition.

The tournament is home to many former league clubs that have slipped down the roster in recent years. However, that doesn’t stop them from being in the hearts of thousands of supporters, who are then unable to compete as their favourite team in the genre-leading game. But all that could change, just as these big names are hoping:

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This campaign, when successful, will make a real commercial difference to the financial challenges facing non-league football ā€“ in addition to putting a smile on the faces of some of the most devoted fans in the world,” David Bernstein said.

ā€œIā€™d love it if our fans were able to play as me and help me nod in the winner against Man City at Wembley,ā€ added Jamie Collins.

There’s no denying that non-league football is often home to loyal fans who refuse to stray when times are hard. And they often are. Wouldn’t it be great to repay that loyalty with a digital revolution?

Source: GamesRadar

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