FIFA 20 Was Our Lockdown Favourite Game

We weren’t allowed to go to gyms, sports halls or football matches. So, instead, it looks like we made do with the next best thing – video games. But within this tightly fought battle, FIFA 20 seems to have come out on top. Meaning we replaced real life exercise with virtual, sweat inducing activity. What a funny bunch we are!

If this is true, can we really be called couch potatoes? Because, our thumbs are doing a lot of work and the avatars on the screen are running a few kilometres on our behalf. So, surely that makes us couch exercisers?

Okay, maybe I’m clutching at straws. But it does fascinate me how our interests can be influenced by events outside of the television screen. And how, in being limited in our choice of recreational hobbies, we have instead taken to video games to provide a familiar environment. In this world, our favourite team could still try to stop Liverpool FC from winning the title. Or to even force Manchester United further down the table, because their recent performance doesn’t really cement their place in the top half of the Premier League.

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Anyway, enough of my ramblings. The gist of this article is, FIFA 20 was the most bought game of lockdown. It beat Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Grand Theft Auto V, both of which came next in the charts, by selling 506,572 copies to their 474,902 and 438,902. But it was itself topped in the combined format sales chart by an even greater adversary – that being Frozen 2. However, there’s no beating Elsa, is there?

We just have to learn to Let It Go…

Source: Eurogamer

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