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Fight in a Volcano in Tekken 7’s Opening Cinematic

Do you like fighting games, or are you a little low on your daily allotment of rippling muscles and manly chests that shall never be covered by an actual shirt? You are in luck. The latest trailer for Tekken 7 shows the opening cinematic, and it is worth a watch just to see how great CG can be.

Obviously, Kazuya has some unresolved daddy issues, but, to be fair, if your dad throws you off a mountain, that is enough to make future family holidays a little uncomfortable. Speaking of dads, Heihachi seems just as willing to fight for the family business, and the rest of the game appears to hinge on their feud.

The opening cinematic shows us shots of some of the other fighters, and the CG is stunning. Somebody at Bandai Namco dropped a little cash, and it is worth a gander and gawp. It is really impressive, even if you are not interested in the game.

The other thing that we are amazed by is Heihachi’s hair. How much time does it take to make twin peaks out of what would normally be a thin comb over? We admire him for thinking outside the box, but this may be the most unbelievable part of Tekken 7.

Hopefully, deep and meaningful questions like these will be answered when the game uppercuts your PS4’s hard drive on June 2nd.

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