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Fight the Machines in Generation Zero

Avalanche Studios is certainly busy. With everything going on with the development of Rage 2 and Just Cause 4, it has announced Generation Zero, an open world, sandbox shooter is coming to the PS4. Generation Zero is set in Sweden during the 1980s. Lethal machines have ruined your lovely Swedish day, and you will now have to kill or be killed.

The combat is for 1-4 players, and you can take down the machines, collect loot, and use skills in co-op. Based on the trailer, you don’t look like a highly trained military group with invincible armor. You will need to be stealthy to bring down the machines. You can lure them into a kill zone or cripple different parts of their armor or systems.

That leads to what makes this game special. These machines are always simulated. If you damage the armor or weapons in a particular way, so that you can escape, you might run into that same machine again somewhere in the world. The damage you inflicted is not healed or repaired. This could lead some to strategic choices in each encounter.

The machines are not the only things alive in Generation Zero. The game is being built with the Apex engine. This is the same engine used for Just Cause 4 and Rage 2. There will be dynamic weather, day/night cycles, “realistic ballistics”, and “complex AI behavior”.

Along with an 80s soundtrack, Generation Zero is shaping up to be an interesting title. According to the official site, we appear to be months away from a release, but we look forward to seeing more.

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