Filthy Lucre PS4 DLC a Possibility, Says Developer as Work Starts on New Project

Oi oi, me old China. You ‘eard ’bout this new bleedin’ game called Filthy Lucre? Of course you have. Sorry, we’ve been playing so much of the game that we’ve developed a bit of a strange love for the Cockney accent. Doesn’t work as well as the written word though…

Filthy Lucre is a new stealth/action/co-op game from Fabrik Games. It released this week on PS4 and will be releasing soon on PC. We recently had the chance to chat with Fabrik Games’ CEO, Graeme Ankers. During our lovely little chat over tea and crumpets, Graeme teased that the Filthy Lucre we have in front of us today may not be the final form – there could very well be DLC on the horizon.

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“Well I can’t give too much detail, but we do expect there to be post release content for the game. We’d like to get some feedback from the community before we announce anything. We definitely see this as just the beginning,” said Ankers in a chat with Pure PlayStation.

Ankers also let slip that the team is already working on its next project, though despite our best impression of an east end gangster, he refused to spill the beans.

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