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Filthy Lucre Update Version 1.01 Sorts Out the Dodgy Leaderboards and More

Oi oi, wot’s up your arse, then? Got a problem wiv’ how Filthy Lucre handles itself in the Leaderboards department? Getting mugged off wiv’ the online crashing like your nan in her Robin Reliant? No fackin’ problem, me old China.

Alright, sorry about that. We’ve been playing far too much of Fabrik’s Filthy Lucre. The narrator’s over-the-top Cockney accent has gotten to us… And we fackin’ lav’ it.

However, not everything is hunky-dory with Filthy Lucre, and that’s why there’s a day-one update to fix a few of the niggling troubles. There’s been a bit of Barney Rubble with the online leaderboards, as well as some of the other features acting like total James Blunts. Thankfully, update version 1.01 looks to remedy these problems. The patch notes are below. So have a gander down below and say ‘ello to your mum from us.

Filthy Lucre Update Version 1.01 Patch Notes

  • Fix for crash when selecting leaderboards
  • Compliance with debug check
  • Fix for crash when Host disconnects from lobby and client directly joins a new game
  • Compliance with the check showing after correct number of seconds
  • Compliance with non-English brand naming conventions

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