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Final Assault Launches March 31st on PSVR, Cross-Platform Play With PCVR Headsets

Phaser Lock Interactive has announced that it will be releasing its World War II-themed RTS strategy/MOBA Final Assault on PSVR this March 31st, and what’s more is that it’ll offer complete cross-platform play with players on PC using PCVR headsets.

Final Assault for PSVR will offer a single-player campaign, skirmishes, and multiplayer battles with PSVR players playing against each other as well as PCVR players, ensuring a healthy player base and less time waiting for game lobbies to populate.

Phaser Lock Interactive CEO Michael Daubert stated “We feel we found the sweet spot on mixing RTS and Moba gameplay, taking what we feel is the best of the best that has ultimately ended up creating a new genre that can only exist in VR. And our game leans more on the PVP gameplay, and let’s face it, there are not a lot of cross-play multiplayer games out there. So now bringing in the PSVR users we hope to increase the player base and give more opportunities for fast matchmaking across all the headsets.”

Final Assault originally released back in May 2019 on PC for PCVR headsets where it received great reviews from critics and players, so it’s looking good for PSVR players wanting something a little different to play on their headsets.

Final Assault will release on March 31st for PSVR in North America, while the European release date is not yet confirmed. Up above is the game’s launch trailer, and down below is a selection of screenshots for you to have a gander at while you wait for the game’s release.

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