Final Beta For Nioh 2 Planned For February 28

Team Ninja took your feedback on board after last year’s Beta test for Nioh 2. But now they want to know what you make of their changes prior to the game launching for real. We found out yesterday that the Samurai-themed prequel had gone gold, meaning the disc’s content is technically fixed. But anything that may come to light between now and next month can obviously be added as a Day One patch.

Let’s just hope there isn’t much to change, however, as it will only mean a delay between inserting the disc and actually playing the darn thing. Unless you’re digital, where you’ll not notice a thing.

It’s good to see that a development team have made such an effort to resolve any issues players found in November. And tweak the gameplay’s balance to make it more user friendly. But that is not to say that Nioh 2 will be a walk in the park. We’ve already been told that the challenge of the first will remain, so they haven’t sold themselves short by watering down what they do best.

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Returning fans will be glad of that, even if new players may not be…

Over the weekend event, you’ll be able to play through three separate missions with your own personalised character. And try out the newly introduced Switchglaive. But, unfortunately, your progress will not be transferable to the full game on its release, even if your persona is.

Still, it’s a good opportunity to get the embarrassing deaths out of the way now ahead of the big day.

Who am I kidding? The embarrassing (infuriating?) deaths will be continuing for some time yet!

This preview event for Nioh 2 will go live on February 28th and will be playable until March 1st; that being, Friday until Sunday. So happy Samurai sword swooshing, readers!

Source: PlayStation blog

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