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Final Fantasy 15 Multiplayer Mode Delayed Until November

Twitter is once again the bringer of bad news. Today it has been announced that the multiplayer expansion for Final Fantasy 15 (XV) has been delayed. It will now go live this November and not October 31st as originally planned.

When available, the add-on will allow players to create an avatar and go on co-op questing around Eos with their online friends. But this is just another set back for the concept, with the first Beta suffering from server troubles forcing a second test, which itself was plagued by matchmaking niggles. We can only hope that it is the last.

The Tweet itself puts the delay down to last-minute polishing that is becoming evermore commonplace in the industry. But a few weeks isn’t the end of the world if it straightens out the nuances brought to their attention in August.

Comrades, as it has been dubbed, is a premium addition. It can either be purchased as part of the Season Pass or individually at cost.

Does Final Fantasy XV still grab your attention? Or will the multiplayer expansion give you reason to return? 

Final Fantasy 15

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