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Final Fantasy VII Remake Announced Too Early Says Director

The director of the hotly-anticipated Final Fantasy VII remake, Tetsuya Nomura, told the website Multiplayer that Final Fantasy VII was announced too early. In other obviously obvious news, water is still wet, and eating lead paint chips is a bad idea.

To be fair, Nomura does have a reason, and it has nothing to do with the old Square Enix model of announcing years before you are ready. His explaination is as follows:

“I am well aware of the fact that we announced it too early, but even in the industry, word was beginning to spread that we were working on the game, so we just decided not to keep it more secret and officially reveal it.”

This could be the negative consequences of leaks and rumors in a time when development teams are getting larger while the world is getting smaller. Secrets are harder to keep, so they may drop being a secret entirely. It’s a tough decision to make.

Final Fantasy VII’s remake is going forward now, but there is no telling when we will play it. I am going to guess it will take another two years. I will probably be playing it on the PS5, but even that timeline may be overly optimistic.

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