Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo Date Is Another Disappointment

Everyone is eager to try the new Final Fantasy VII Remake – especially with all the spoilers doing the rounds. But a demo has been, so far, elusive and a recent error does nothing to change that. In fact, GameSpot’s glitch in judgement has only succeeded in making us more impatient.

So, can we expect to see the trial version drop before the full release? Or will we have to wait until the game launches in around two months time to get a feel for the action? Unfortunately, it looks like the demo – which is complete and ready to go – could be an unseen entity. And nobody outside of the development team will get to experience its magic.

Well, nobody except the dataminers that is…

All this comes about from a recent post on GameSpot’s site, which stated the demo would go live on the same day as launch – March 3rd. This seemed a little odd in itself, as demos are usually released before the game they’re promoting in order to increase day one sales. But now that date has been removed, with the site stating ‘This was an incorrect assumption by one of our editors. The piece has been updated to reflect that.’

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Obviously there’s no official withdrawal of the demo, just as there’s no official word on a date, either. But you just get the feeling that things would have progressed by now if it was coming. After all, you want to keep the hype going as long as possible from as early as possible. And this silence does nothing of the sort.

Still, Square Enix aren’t going to feel any pressure to follow the status quo. And they could surprise us any time before now and release day. So watch this space. All we can say for certain in the meantime is that we’re still none the wiser, which is how I spend most of my life if I’m honest!

P.s. if you are a die hard fan, worried of leaks, be careful where you do your online snooping – footage of the Final Fantasy VII Remake demo is doing the rounds online and spoilers are out there, so be careful!

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