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Final Fantasy VII Remake Isn’t Lacking In Content, Old Or New

Final Fantasy VII Remake

We’ve found out a little more about the Final Fantasy VII remake today. And it has done little to quell my enthusiasm. In fact, if anything, the details have only fuelled the fire even more. The news came from Tetsuya Nomura himself, so there’s no questioning their legitimacy. So, sit back and enjoy these few new nuggets of information.

I know I have.

It starts by addressing the buzz surrounding its multi part release, which had caused concern amongst a minority of fans. But from what has been said today, there’s nothing to worry about because the Midgar portion of the adventure has had a story extension, of sorts. So, even though it played quite a finite part in the original, the location will instead pose a more central and prolonged role within this reimagining. Although, not in a “stretch it out” sort of way.

“Don’t worry. It’s a highly dense game, and it doesn’t end after a few hours like the Midgar part in the original.”

In fact, so much attention has been paid to the shortcomings of the original that secondary characters have become more fully fleshed out this time around. But this detail extends far further than mere text and cutscenes – the story has instead been altered to allow their part of the journey to be enacted.

“There are many new events in the main story. Like a scene where you end up visiting Jessie’s parents, eating dinner.

“Each member of Avalanche is much more detailed compared to the original game, with new events to boot.”

Then there’s the small matter of filler – a nickname I like to assign to side quests and the like. But I don’t think that’s an appropriate term here because as much thought and attention has been paid to these supporting activities as the main story. What’s more is the fact that the side missions are as time consuming as the main story itself, something that helps to explain the two discs needed for just this first part of the remake. But you might be surprised to hear that there was even more content in development at one point!

The inclusion of transport was also confirmed.

“At the beginning, the development team readied even more content, but we wouldn’t have been able to do everything without cutting corners, so we prioritized quality.

We wouldn’t have been able to finish the game otherwise. Despite that, the game is quite big, there are many places you can visit, and you can even move around using vehicles at some points.”

I’m sure you’ll agree that this next month is going to be quite a drag. But let’s hope that the Final Fantasy VII Remake lives up to the hype come April 10th. News is coming out thick and fast these last few days, and first impressions appear quite positive. But we’ve been let down enough times before to know that nothing is a given.

Source: PSU

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