Final Fantasy VII Remake Tifa Theme is Free for Everyone

There have been some good themes released for Final Fantasy VII Remake, and we have another today. Originally only available as part of a candy bar purchase promotion, the Tifa theme shows the tough as nails manager of the 7th Heaven bar taking a break to sit atop a water tower and look at the stars. Twitter user LordofWhore announced it was free in the EU, and I can confirm it is free in the US as well.

The image shows a quieter moment while Tifa’s theme plays in the background. The camera gradually moves forward and backward depending on where you are on the main menu, and Tifa’s foot moves slightly. This theme also places her body over the menu icons to give it some depth. It doesn’t cover your first few games, and it’s a nice effect.

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If you’re collecting all the Final Fantasy VII Remake themes, here is one more. I recently started playing, and Stuart’s review will tell you everything you need to know if you’re still not sure if it’s for you.

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