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Final Fantasy VII Remake’s Tifa Received A “Necessary” Breast Reduction to Avoid Looking “Unnatural”

At E3, we learned part 1 of the Final Fantasy VII Remake would be coming next year, and it has had a bit of modernization. There are new mechanics, new dialogue, and some incredible visual upgrades as the world and characters are recreated from block-y textures to highly-detailed, HD versions. Many decisions are having to made as this iconic game is brought into a new century.

One of those decisions was to downsize Tifa’s breasts. According to an interview in Famitsu and reported by Eurogamer, Tetsuya Nomura, the game’s director, received a mandate from Square Enix’s ethics department to make the change. They didn’t want her to look “unnatural”, so they decided to “restrict” her chest. Tifa’s new character model works out, so she will be athletic and have abs with a “fitted tank top and black underwear”.

As the article explains, the original models were unrealistic, and this is necessary as we move forward. Even the cross-dressing scene, although not removed, has been updated to be more “modern”. There is no word on whether the impossibly spiky hair, enormous giant swords, or using gems called materia to cast magic spells have been updated with the times, so I guess we are enjoying subjective realism.

Will we even care one way or another when we start playing on March 3rd, 2020?  Probably not. Since first being teased by the possibility around the launch of the PS3, I’m hoping to just be happy to experience this fancier version of a legendary game.

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