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Final Fantasy VIII Remastered Available Now

After being announced not too long ago, you can finally give Final Fantasy VIII a try without rummaging through ebay for a copy and a classic console to play it. The game will run you $19.99 USD, and, along with the visual boosts, comes with some ways to improve your experience. The Battle Assist with give you maxed HP and ATB and allow Limit Breaks when you want them. You can move through the game quicker with the 3x Speed Boost. If you don’t love random encounters, you can turn on No Encounters to skip them.

The tale of SeeD member Squall Leonhart and the resistance fighter Rinoa Heartilly has come to the PS4. It’s a classic, turn-based JRPG from the golden age. Just like it’s characters, it does some things right and some wrong. If I remember it correctly, it’s worth your time if you’re curious, and you won’t even have to switch discs to play it.

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