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Final Fantasy VIII Remastered Coming Sept 3rd

Final Fantasy VII has all the attention next year, but it’s not the soonest remake to hit your PS4. That honor goes to Final Fantasy VIII Remastered and its September 3 release date. The game turned 20 this year, and there is fresh coat of paint on the monumental JRPG. Backed with excellent music by the incomparable Nobuo Uematsu, you will join Squall and Rinoa Heartily as they try to defend the world from the country of Galbadia. There is a love story and classic melodrama, and, if you’ve not played it, this will (hopefully) be a good version on a modern console.

Square Enix has tinkered with the formula just a bit by adding three convenience toggles to the game. Battle Assist helps you by always giving you full HP and maxed ATB and anytime limit breaks in fights. The 3x Speed Boost will let you move through the game at 3x speed. No Encounters does exactly what it says, but you’ll still have story encounters. I’m all for accessibility and allowing people with very little skill (like myself) to enjoy games, but, with all three of those enabled, are you playing the game? I don’t know. What do you think?

Philosophical discussions aside, I’m happy to see Final Fantasy VIII receiving a new release, and I hope a new generation of people will be able to enjoy it starting September 3.

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