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Final Fantasy XV Has a Season Pass, Naturally

If you thought that Square Enix would pass up the chance to throw in a Season Pass to its upcoming Final Fantasy XV, you’re a plum. C’mon. Seriously. You couldn’t actually think there wouldn’t be a Season Pass, could you?

Either way, there is one and it’s going to contain a few things for extra money. We’re not sure what the packs contain and when they’ll be available as the listing for them was removed pretty quickly from the PlayStation Store, but Gematsu has translated the names of the packs into English. Cheers, Gematsu. We’re not Japanese scholars so it definitely helps.

  • Booster Pack
  • Episode Gladiolus
  • Holiday Pack
  • Episode Ignis
  • Episode Prompto
  • Expansion Pack

Again, we can’t be sure what each pack contains, though we can hazard a guess that the Booster Pack will be a, er, booster pack? Maybe it’ll contain a few extra items to help you and the lads on the adventure? Then there’s the Holiday Pack which – and we’re just guessing here – could be some Christmas-themed stuff. Bugger off Sherlock Holmes, Pure PlayStation is getting into the sleuthing game.

The rest are Episode packs which, and again we’re just guessing, could be mini-episodes for each character named. And finally, the Expansion Pack. We’re not even going to bother; guess for yourself.

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