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Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer Expansion “Comrades” Available Now

Final Fantasy XV continues to be supported with free DLC and in-game events, but you can now play with others. The multiplayer expansion, Comrades, puts you in the (obviously black and leather) boots of a Kingslglaive member. You can use powers from past Lucian kings to help bring back the light.

Yesterday, we told you about the new song Nobuo Uematsu has written for Comrades. We have the launch trailer today to set the mood. It is bleak, but the world doesn’t need spiky-haired heroes with BDSM-inspired wardrobes when everything is sunny. Literally, the world is going dark, so that is about as non-sunny as you can get.

If you bought the season pass, you can join the adventure by downloading this directly from the PSN for free. For everyone else, it will run you $19.99 (USD). If you hate main Final Fantasy games (what kind of monster are you?), you can purchase the expansion as a standalone game. It will offer you a single player campaign with quests and old friends in addition to the multiplayer quests.

It sounds like Square Enix is committed to making more updates by promising multiplayer appearances from your favorite, monster-killing, travelling boy band from XV. As long as this doesn’t push Final Fantasy XVI out too far, we are interested in some new directions for the franchise.

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