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Final Fantasy XV PS4 Release Date Confirmed, Playable Demo Out Now on PSN

It’s been a night to remember for Final Fantasy fans as Square Enix literally threw everything but the kitchen sink at its audience in its Final Fantasy XV: Uncovered show.

A leak yesterday suggested that Final Fantasy XV would release on September 30th of this year for PS4, and it turns out that leak was 100% correct. Square Enix announced that Final Fantasy XV would be releasing on the PS4 and other platforms this September 30th and that a playable demo will be released today.

In fact, that playable demo is already available on the PlayStation Network in North America. The demo, named “Platinum Demo”, won’t be in the final game, so think of it as more of a tech-demo to show you how the game looks, runs and works. There’s no word yet on the European release of the Platinum Demo, though we reckon it’s only a matter of time before it hits the UK and European PSN stores.

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