Final Fantasy XVI Teaser Site Outlines Characters and Kingdoms

A new mainline Final Fantasy game is a big event, and we have another one coming. While Producer Naoki Yoshida says we’ll have to wait until 2021 for the next “major announcement”, we do have some new details today. A new teaser site was launched for the game, and it paints a picture of the world. That world is named Valisthea and has kingdoms situated around Mothercrystals. They produce aether which allows the residents to leave a comfortable life.

That comfort sometimes comes at the cost of conflict. The teaser site details a history of the six kingdoms of Valisthea and a brief outline of their philosophies as they relate to Dominants. These Dominants are the vessels for Eikon, magical beings such as the Ifrit, Shiva, and other summons you know and love. Depending on the kingdom, Dominants can be treated like royalty, used as weapons, or executed. The Mothercrystals’ power attracts other kingdoms to try to take them, and Dominants may be called upon to defend them.

Three main characters are also described, and they reside in The Grand Duchy of Rosaria. First, we have two brothers, Clive and Joshua Rosfield. Both sons of the Archduke, Clive is the older brother. Although he is granted some of the power, he was not chosen to be the Dominant of the Phoenix, so he honed his swordsmanship. A capable warrior, he protects his younger brother Joshua, who is not interested in being a warrior at all, despite being the Dominant of the Phoenix. Joshua is kind and hates carrots. The last character is Jill Warrick. She was taken from the Northern Territories to ensure peace between both nations and raised with Joshua and Clive. At twelve years old, she is a part of the household and very kind.

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I’ve pulled the images from the PlayStation Blog story, and you can see them at the bottom. It’s beautiful Final Fantasy as usual, and Square Enix knows how to create a lovely world. We don’t know when we’ll be playing in that world, but we’ll probably find out sometime in 2021.

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