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Final Fantasy’s Behemoth is Coming to Monster Hunter: World

Since watching Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, I have wanted to fight a giant summons from Final Fantasy in real life. Sadly, I am not much of a fighter, and, happily, they don’t exist outside games. It would be really bad.

A new update coming to Monster Hunter: World may be the closest you can get without paying a subscription. The behemoth from Final Fantasy XIV is coming in a free update on August 4th. It is a tough creature, and Warriors of Light will need to prepare for the worst.

The update will come with new armor and weapons. The drachen armor and Gae Bolg glaive will make you look like a dragoon. Your palico can wear armor to look like a moogle. For a little more fun, cactars can be found after the update.

Check out the trailer to see all the free goodies coming August 4th.

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