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Final Nioh DLC Releases Tomorrow, Watch its Trailer Here

The final DLC for Nioh is due for release tomorrow, so to whet our appetites Team Ninja has gifted us a trailer of ‘Bloodshed’s End’.

This will mark the end of William’s adventure, but not before you face a fresh batch of Yokai hungry for your blood. It will kick off after the events of Defiant Honor, with a new war breaking out due to rising tensions.

Interestingly, the studio is also teasing a new mode, named The Abyss, which will allow you to test your skills and mettle in a never-ending arena. We’re sure this is heaven to some and the devil’s lair to others.

In addition to the usual extra missions, the DLC will also come bundled with new characters, Guardian Spirits, and difficulty mode. Because we’re a sucker for punishment…

Further details can be found on the PlayStation Blog.

Bloodshed’s End is out on September 26th and will retail at $9.99. 

Do you still have a soft spot for Nioh, or has its Ninja-ness turned sour? 

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