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Find Love at the End of the World in Song of Memories

Dating can be tough. Finding someone to spend your life with when the world could be ending doesn’t make it any easier. People can be so picky (and rightfully so) about forever, even if forever is only the next 24 hours. That may require some speed dating.

These weighty matters are at the heart of Song of Memories. It’s a visual novel that tells the story of someone searching for love. There are six ladies in the game, and your choices will change the story with multiple endings. The storyline tracker will let you see which choices you made and allow you to see what would have happened if you chose differently.

Song of Memories is a little different from your normal visual novel. The characters and conversations are fully animated, and there is over 40 hours of audio and four CDs of music in the game. The gameplay is a visual novel mixed with a rhythm game and a pinch of RPG, so that should keep the story and action moving.

Although this is a romantic story (and the trailer certainly looks more like a dating sim) this is not a happy go lucky tale. A virus is threatening to wipe out humanity and you have to save the one you love. We don’t speak from experience, but saving someone’s life is an excellent engagement present if you don’t have the money for a fancy ring.

Check out the trailer for Song of Memories to see if it will be tugging at your heartstrings later this year.

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