Find True Love in Visual Novels Muv-Love and sequel Muv-Love Alternative

Having trouble finding love on the day when you are supposed to be celebrating it? Well, things in the virtual world seem to be a lot easier, but they always come with a catch.

Muv-Love is a visual novel releasing this summer on the PS Vita. It tells two parts of a trilogy following the story of Takeru Shirogane, a young student. He wakes up one morning in bed with a wealthy heiress, and, instead of complaining about how much she drank the night before, she insists the two of them are destined to be together, even though they just met. Run, Takeru, Run.

Takeru’s childhood friend has been pining for him for a while, and this puts some pressure on her. She knows she has to tell Takeru soon, because she might not have another chance to reveal her true feelings for him. Angst!

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Takeru will have to choose between a good friend and this mysterious new woman putting a tale of romance against a backdrop of sci-fi elements, time travel, parallel universes, and a sprinkling of mecha.

Muv-Love contains the Muv-Love Extra and Muv-Luv Unlimited stories, and Muv-Luv Alternative is the third part of the trilogy. As you can see in the differences between the trailers, Alternative is heavily steeped in sci-fi, rock guitars, and giant mecha versus Muv-Love’s J-pop and slice of life aesthetic. Things are going to dramatically change from the first part to the last.

With over 150 hours of gameplay, this is more than enough reason to dust off your PS Vita and go on an adventure to find love and maybe pilot a mecha or two.

Although we don’t have an official release date, the publisher has announced Muv-Luv and Muv-Love Alternative are going to be released digitally and physically for the PS Vita sometime this summer.

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