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Find Your Competitive Edge in Puyo Puyo eSports

Sega has announced it is venturing into the eSports arena with a fan favourite. However, that game might not be quite the one you’re expecting. Surprisingly the company has chosen its infuriatingly addictive Puyo Puyo series to represent them in the competitive market, with a new version releasing specially this October.

The easy to play and yet difficult to master puzzle game has enjoyed a recent surge in popularity thanks to its collaboration with Tetris in Puyo Puyo Tetris. However, the blobs are ditching the bricks this time around and are returning to their more traditional roots; its rules will be based on Puyo Puyo 2 and Puyo Puyo Fever, released in 1994 and 2003 respectively, and include 24 characters selected from the entire franchise.

The aptly named Puyo Puyo eSports has already been recognised by the Japanese eSports Union, who are responsible for licencing the country’s own professional players and promoting the sport throughout its shores. Their chairman is also the chief operating officer of Sega Holdings, so that probably helped to bring things into fruition.

We are yet to hear if it will be recognised, and indeed promoted, the world over. Although, if it proves popular, there is little reason to believe it will be exclusively competed in Japan. They have at least announced plans for an arcade version for those of us who may be uncompetitive, but they are yet to elaborate further.

Puyo Puyo eSports digitally drops into Japan on October 25, and will cost players 1,999 yen. Are you up to the challenge?

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