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Fire Pro Wrestling World Welcomes The Women of World Wonder Ring Stardom in Upcoming DLC

It looks like we have a second story of women joining a game today. New DLC has been announced for Fire Pro Wrestling World. Coming August 21st, Japan’s women’s professional wrestling association, World Wonder Ring Stardom, will be adding ten wrestlers to the current roster.

These ladies are the real deal. They will have their real costumes, entrance music, moves, and voices in the game. The only one confirmed so far is Mayu Iwatani, the team’s leader, but the rest of the new additions will be revealed at STARDOM X STARDOM on August 10th at Korakuen Hall. According to STARDOM’s official English Twitter account, there will be a match on the same day between Saya Kamitani and Momo Watanabe. You can read more about STARDOM on its official site here.

If you are unfamiliar with Fire Pro Wrestling World, it’s a grappling game filled with real world Japanese wrestlers with a strong emphasis on customization. You can customize your matches with everything from deathmatches and barbwire to landmines. Customize your wrestler’s moves and personality, the ring they fight in, and even the referee.

As I mentioned, the new DLC is coming August 21st. If you want to check out the main game, it’s available now.

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