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Firewall Zero Hour DLC #4 Coming Tomorrow, New Contractors, Guns, and More

First Contact Entertainment has officially announced the next download content drop for its tactical PSVR shooter, Firewall Zero Hour. The game’s director, Damoun Shabestari, took to the PlayStation Blog today to make the announcement.

The next content drop will be tomorrow – February 26th – and will include a few new bits and bobs. However, if you’re waiting on a new map then you’d best be prepared to wait a little longer because this update doesn’t come with any new maps. Instead we’ll get two new contractors that are available for purhcase, as well as their new skills. The new skills are automatically applied to the new contractors by default. If you want to use then new skills but don’t want to pay for the new playable characters, you’ll have to level up and buy the skills using in-game currency.

The new skills are actually pretty interesting and should make for some tense moments. The Ambush skill, which comes with new contactor Jag, allows you to carry three mines instead of two. Extra deadly. The second skill, which comes with new contractor Node, is Afterlife. The Afterlife skill lets you detonate your C4 even after you’ve been killed by a squealing teen/lag/not having enough time to get the right loadout equipped.

While there are no new maps with this update, an existing map has been changed a little. The Shoothouse map has had its laptop locations changed. Nothing else has been said about what the changes entail so we’ll just have to wait until the update drops to find out.

In addition to the above, there are also three new guns, a few new trinkets, and promises of more content coming in future updates. The blog post states that matchmaking has been tweaked in this new update, but the proof will be in the pudding.

Source: PlayStation Blog



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