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Firewall Zero Hour is Getting a New Map Tomorrow, Trailer Inside

It’s finally happened. After months of moaning and whining, us Firewall Zero Hour faithfuls have had our prayers (and Reddit rants) answered: Firewall Zero Hour is getting a brand new map – for free!

Firsts Contact Entertainment took to the PlayStation Blog today to announce the new map and detail what else will be coming in DLC #3. The new update will release tomorrow, December 18th, and it won’t cost you a penny. Mostly…

While the new map may be free, most of the new cosmetics are only available in exchange for real world money, thought there is a trinket available to all PS Plus members for free. Hey, if it means we can get free maps, it’s the way it has to be. Now, let’s talk about the new map.

The map is called Containment, and it brings the total amount of multiplayer maps up to 10. The map itself is set in Greenland in a “massive containment” facility that will provide plenty of different combat scenarios at different ranges and angles. It’s all very exciting and the trailer up above will give you a peek before it drops tomorrow.

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