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Firewall Zero Hour Operation: Cloudstrike Brings a New Map and Contractor Today

Firewall Zero Hour is starting its sixth season of new content with Operation: Cloudstrike. Announced on the PlayStation Blog and available today, it adds a new map, contractor, and cosmetics to the game. The new map is named Post 15. It’s set in a secret underground base somewhere in the United States. It’s filled with industrial equipment and walkways that leave you exposed from multiple angles.

The new contractor is named Shadow. After graduating with honors in Berlin, she joined an elite unit in the German Federal Police. Famed for her skills as an infiltrator, she left employment with Germany and has expanded her employment opportunities. Her special skill “Vapor” pops smoke whenever she is downed to conceal her.

There are twenty-four new cosmetics and one new weapon. The cosmetics include trinkets, skins, and face paint. The new weapon is the Custom Kruger, a full-auto, assault rifle. If you complete all the free, premium, and bonus missions in Cloudstrike, you can earn a special skin for the Custom Kruger named called Manta Ray.

You can don your PSVR and give all of this new content a try today.

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