Firewall Zero Hour Operation: Dark Web Adds Map, Contractors, and Gear Tomorrow

Firewall Zero Hour has a new update going live on August 13th. Named Operation: Dark Web, the new season of the multiplayer shooter for Sony’s PSVR will add a new map tomorrow, new contractors, and some new tools of the trade. Starting with those tools, we have the motion sensor. When you throw this down, any enemies entering that zone will be highlighted red. The rest of your team will be able to see them on their wrist sensor. You’ll have to be level 13 and have a spare 7,500 Crypto to buy it.

The second item is more conventional, but the classics get the job done. The instant smoke is exactly how it sounds. Once it hits something, it puts up a fog of war that offers some strategic possibilities. Maybe it can be used to quickly escape, or it can be used to ambush other players entering or leaving the smoke. This one is easier to obtain, since it only requires you to be level 5 and spend 3,200 Crypto.

The new map takes us to the land down under. Newsroom is set in Australia, and it puts you on the set complete with cameras, monitors, and fake news. This is the only new map for now, but another map named Cargo is coming later this season. New maps are always welcome, and it’s good to have a hint at an upcoming map.

The new weapons are something old and something new. The Z1 Reaper is a tactical rifle to take out targets from a distance. It’s available tomorrow, but you’ll have to wait for week five to grab the fully-automatic Sten. It’s the same type of rifle you remember from when FPS’ were focused on WWII, and I’m looking forward to giving it a try. Both are free after you complete the mission for them.

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The first of two new contractors is available starting tomorrow. Kane used to be a part of the New Zealand Special Air Force, and comes armed with a lot of tattoos and the skill, Blade. The skill lets you throw up to three knives, and it could be very useful in close combat. The face tattoos are less useful, because they mostly only keep you safe from landing a lot of jobs.

The other new contractor, Proxy, will come later this season, and you can only play either if you buy the Dark Web Op Pass for $9.99. Beyond the two new contractors, the pass comes with bonus and premium missions and cosmetic items as rewards for completing missions. You’ll have to decide if that’s worth it, but there is plenty here if you decide to skip it.

If you are looking for more to buy, the Hack Keys are still a thing. They allow you to finish an operational mission immediately. You won’t earn experience, but you’ll earn the full Crypto and any cosmetics. You can grab the Dark Web Op Pass and 25 Hack Keys for $29.99, or five Hack Keys will run you $4.99. Any Hack Keys you have left over can still be used in this season.

You can start enjoying the new content in Operation: Dark Web tomorrow, and I hope to check it out sometime this week. I only hope matchmaking is a little better than it used to be.


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