Firewall Zero Hour Update 1.05 Brings PS4 Pro Improvements, 1.06 Fixes Crashing Problems

Firewall Zero Hour for PSVR has received a couple of new updates over the last couple of days, and they’re pretty significant.

The big update, 1.05, is especially noteworthy for PS4 Pro players. The new update gives Pro owners the option to turn off anti-aliasing. I’m not sure why this is an option to be honest. I tried it last night with my fellow Pure PlayStation writer Jeremy and, well, it just turns anti-aliasing off. There doesn’t seem to be a benefit to it, it just makes the game look a lot rougher, or at least that’s my interpretation of it.

Another thing of note is the ability to toggle gun offset in the options menu. Some players have complained that the PSVR Aim controller doesn’t really line up how you would think it would. Instead of bringing the PSVR Aim controller up to your face to aim down the sights, you only have to raise it to neck-height. This is most likely to avoid tracking issues between the lights on the PSVR headset and the glowing light on the PSVR Aim controller. I tried this one out last night, too, and I actually found it to be preferable to the default. So if you’re looking to improve your aim and comfort when playing Firewall Zero Hour, I definitely recommend turning gun offset to off.

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The Firewall Zero Hour 1.05 update wasn’t all good, however, as many players (myself included) found the game crashing after the new update. Thankfully the developers took note and got to work quickly and pushed out update 1.06. The 1.06 update fixes this problem, or at least it has for me; I’ve not run into any crashes since installing the 1.06 update.

Below you’ll find the associated patch notes:

Firewall Zero Hour 1.05 Update Patch Notes

  • Addition of option to turn off gun offset

  • Addition of option for PS4 Pro users to toggle Anti-Aliasing

  • Decreased vignette fade time on smooth turning and sprint

  • Recall user’s “last played” Contractor when entering matchmaking

  • Improvements to map cycling

  • Fix to counter the suicide jammer strategy (all deployed equipment self-destructs if the player suicides)

  • Challenges extend to Level 10

  • Improvements to smoke grenades

  • Economy adjustments for Crypto pick-ups, and Crypto awarded to PvE

  • Left-handed player improvements: Weapon Skins, Revive Pistol firing offset, Trinket placement

  • Misc bug fixes that improves stability and overall quality of life

Firewall Zero Hour 1.06 Patch Notes

  • General bug fixes
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