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Firewall Zero Hour Update 1.13 Fixes Over-Powered Grenade Launcher and More

The latest update for First Contact Entertainment’s excellent tactical PSVR shooter has gone live with version 1.13, just in time for the free trial weekend that’s happening right now.

The new update brings changes to the over-powered grenade launcher attachment – something players have been asking for since it started becoming a regular feature in the game. Recently, it ha gotten out of hand as the attachment is only available once you reach a certain level, and given that many players have been logging in since the game’s release, there’s a greater quantity of players with the attachment.

The full patch notes are down below:

Firewall Zero Hour Update Version 1.13 Patch Notes

  • Players will now earn more experience from Knockdowns, Assists, and completing Public Contracts matches.
  • Investor now unlocks at level 10, and the Crypto cost has been reduced.
  • Heavy Duty now unlocks at levels 20, and the cost has been reduced.
  • Heavy Duty now has additional resistance to Grenade Launcher damage.
  • Players are now knocked down after being hit by a grenade launcher, and additional tuning changes have been made.
  • Abandoning a Public Match before the game has concluded will incur a Crypto penalty.
  • Various bug fixes.

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