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Firewall Zero Hour Update 1.20 Released, Matchmaking Problems Persist

First Contact Entertainment is not having the best week, is it? This week saw the release of the big Operation Nightfall update that drastically changed the game and added new challenges, weapons, and even a brand new map to play on. Unfortunately it also brought a host of problems that just won’t go away.

The latest update, version 1.20, has gone live today and it’s supposed to fix the broken matchmaking that has plagued the game since the Operation Nightfall update. It doesn’t, at least not completely.

One thing that does seem to have been fixed is the dreaded blue screen of death, where the game crashes straight to the dashboard. Thankfully that issue has been resolved, but there are still some serious issues with matchmaking, even more so if you intend to play with a buddy or two.

Solo matchmaking is so-so at the time of writing. It’s no worse than it usually is, but it’s also no better. Trying to enter a game as a squad of two or more players, however, is just not worth the hassle. The game continuously kicks players out or disconnects from the lobby. If you’re hoping to give the new version of Firewall Zero Hour a go, you’re best off rolling solo until First Contact Entertainment irons out the remaining issues. That could be while…

Have you had a terrible time with the update? Or are you one of the lucky few that manages to go through life without any problems? Plant a comment down below.

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