Firewall Zero Hour Update 1.21 Released, Doesn’t Fix Major Problems

Firewall Zero Hour Update 1.21 Released, Doesn’t Fix Major Problems

There is yet another update for Firewall Zero Hour on PSVR today, version 1.21, but don’t get too excited. The game was updated on Tuesday (May 21st) with the big Operation Nightfall update that brought a whole host of changes to the game, including new weapons, a new contractor, and a new map. It also brought fresh headaches to the Firewall faithful as the game effectively broke for many players. First it was the blue screen of death where players were booted back to the PS4 homescreen, and then it was matchmaking woes.

Since the initial release First Contact Entertainment has pushed out a new update every day, yet the problems persist. The latest update is no different, unfortunately, and the game is still in a messy state.

Myself and Jeremy got the chance to try the game out last night and we were fortunate enough to not have to deal with a whole lot of problems, until we left one lobby and tried to join another. Others have not been so fortunate and the new update hasn’t alleviated the ongoing matchmaking problems.

The latest update, version 1.21, was released today along with the patch notes stating that the update was “general stability and fixes.” In other words, it doesn’t fix much, or at least not the biggest problems. Players are still reporting that they’re unable to play even with the new update installed.

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