Firewall Zero Hour Update 1.27 is Live, Matchmaking Fixes to Improve Online Play Being Rolled Out

Firewall Zero Hour Update 1.27 is Live, Matchmaking Fixes to Improve Online Play Being Rolled Out

It has been a turbulent few weeks for Firewall Zero Hour on PSVR. The Operation Nightfall update was supposed to usher in a new era for the popular PSVR tactical shooter, but instead it just caused headaches for loyal players, myself included. It got to the point that it just wasn’t worth turning the game on, so since then I’ve really not bothered.

However, since I’ve jumped ship the team at First Contact Entertainment has released a few new updates with the latest, version 1.27, being released today. If you’ve got automatic updates turned on, you’ll find the update downloaded and installed soon.

The new update brings further fixes to matchmaking as well as private game lobbies. There are also general fixes for balancing, bugs, and crashes. The full patch notes can be found below, courtesy of the Firewall Zero Hour Discord channel.

Bear in mind, though, that matchmaking may be a bit iffy over the next few hours. The developers have explained that this is to be expected as not everyone will have the 1.27 update at the same time. As the update rolls out across the globe, things should stabilise and it should get easier to get into a game. Fingers crossed…

Firewall Zero Hour Update Version 1.27 Patch Notes

  • Fixed a crash that would occur upon accepting a Private Game boot invite or from the Login screen
  • Fixed a number of issues that could occur if a Squad leader of 2 or more players attempted to start a Private Lobby
  • Fixed a Loadout weapon attachment issue that could result in highlighted attachments becoming unable to be equipped
  • Fixed a Team count issue that would result in unbalanced teams in a Private Game, if a player’s team was set to None
  • Fix for a common Matchmaking crash
  • Fix for a user Avatar-related crash
  • “Robustified” Squads logic to make splitting up even more difficult (Squad members getting left behind)
  • Restored missing pre-order FZH skin to the SOS

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