Firewatch Has Sold Over Half A Million Copies In A Month

Firewatch Has Sold Over Half A Million Copies In A Month

Campo Santo’s first game, Firewatch, launched a little over a month ago to mainly positive reviews, unfortunately we haven’t managed to get a copy yet but when we do we’ll be sure to chime in with our own two cents. The game follows the story of Henry who takes on the role of a fire watcher during the summer. However, poor Henry finds himself plagued by a series of mysterious events including the ransacking of his tower and a stranger watching him from a distance. Creepy? Just a little bit.

Since the game launched back in February it has sold a over half a million copies, an extremely respectable number for an indie studio’s first attempt! In fact the game sold so well that Campo Santo made their investment back in just one day, not to shabby. Here’s exactly what they said on their own blog:

Panic’s metric for Firewatch’s success was probably calibrated a little bit differently than Campo Santo’s: of course we wanted to make the best possible game we could, but we also had made an investment we really hoped to recoup.

How’d it go? Firewatch’s budget, while huge for us, was modest for a game of its quality and scope, but we made our investment back in about one day. Firewatch has sold around 500,000 full-price copies in its first month. (It was even the top PlayStation Store digital download in February!) As an indie game, or heck, even as a “real” game, ok fine but not as a Call of Duty or Star Wars game, Firewatch can be considered a sales success.

We’re so grateful. And relieved. But mostly grateful.

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