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Firmware 7.0 Beta Tests The Limits of Free Speech

Emails have started to ping into inboxes, offering PlayStation players the opportunity to test the next big firmware update. But despite there being very little to report on in the past, update 7.0 could be the straw that broke the camel’s back. Or even the invitation that broke comprehensible conversation.

You see, one of the biggest changes will be through the addition of 16-player parties, which to us just sounds like the making of one big blabbering mess. Because it’s hard enough to know when it’s your turn to pass the book between only a handful of friends; eight at most. But double figures – really? You might as well hit the mute button now.

However, there is going to be at least one convenient change. Namely, the redundancy of console restarts following updates. But that will only be available if the appropriate setting is turned on. The email states:

“Performance for system updates is also being improved, meaning your PS4 won’t always need to restart after every update.

“Going forwards, select system software updates will automatically be installed after download if the setting is switched on.”

The only other thing you need to know is that each code can be redeemed up to twenty times, so make sure you pass it along to your friends (that’s assuming you were the lucky recipient of said email). That’s because Sony wants you to help them put their baby through its paces, and you can’t do that solo. Unless you’re the Terminator, firmware.

Just note that beta testers will be restricted to joining parties that involve other beta-ers; everyone else will have to miss you for a while.

Did you receive a golden ticket? Or do you know someone who did? Start a comment party in the box below. They’re limitless compared to Sony’s firmware.

Source: emails

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