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Firmware Update 6.72 Does Hardly Anything to the PS4

Another firmware update has gone live for the PlayStation 4. But, once again, don’t get too excited. That’s because patch 6.72 does so little under the hood of our beloved machines that it has only earned itself a single line of text.

This hallowed single sentence update simply reads:

This system software update improves system performance.

And, with that, improves our lives tremendously. Or perhaps not. But either way, this Sony provide vaccine, which is over 460 mb in size, keeps our consoles running at their optimum for a while longer.

At least until we’re all distracted by the PlayStation 5 and realise just how sluggish this fourth generation gadget is. At which time, no amount of system enhancing patches will be able to bridge the void. And we’ll all be left wondering how we ever got anything done on this tortoise.

Do these firmware updates really go unnoticed? Or do you appreciate every megabyte of improvement? Do a Sony and keep your comment to a single train of thought. After all, you wouldn’t want to give too much away, would you?

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