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First Battlefront II Trailer Reveal Next Month

On April 15th, a trailer for Star Wars: Battlefront II will be revealed at Star Wars Celebration in Orlando, Florida. To make sure you are in the right place, look for subtly named panel, The Galaxywide Premiere of Star Wars Battlefront II. Criterion, Dice, and Motive will be there to pull the cover off their newest project. If you cannot attend the conference, you can watch it online here.

Star Wars is certainly experiencing an amazing renaissance in the past few years with new movies that are not terrible, potential television shows, games, and more merchandising than you can possibly imagine. The frenzy for any new content is at a fever pitch, and it is not cooling down anytime soon.

Battlefront II is scheduled to released later this year, so we will probably be blasting Wookiees in November.

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