First Images of WWE 2K20 Released Ahead of Reveal

WWE 2K20

2K have released the first two images of WWE 2K20, ahead of its big reveal next week. But all we know for now is that there is an edition of the game coming this year, and it has some well known characters within its virtual ring. Everything else – or at least most of our other questions – will, hopefully, be answered on Monday 5th August.

Now, we know a couple of screenshots are not much to write home about. In fact, it’s not much to write an article on. But we’re a news site and this is news, so I will do my best. And I’ll start by describing exactly what we’re looking at.

One of the images is of Brock Lesnar – former MMA star and current WWE Universal Champion – whilst the other is of Bayley – the Women’s Champion in the Smackdown series. They both immortalise the respective star’s flamboyant entrance, and remind us why we are not canvas worthy. I’m missing a cleavage tattoo, for one, though I can’t vouch for my colleagues.

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After last year’s visual improvement, however, we’re excited to see just how far the series has come with another 12 months of development under its belt. For starters, check out the veins in Lesnar’s arms and the lighting for Bayley. We’re also intrigued by the prospect that further MyCareer changes could be inbound.

Have you got your entrance music ready? Or will you just wing your ring walk in WWE 2K20? Fling a comment on to the ground in the rectangle ring below.

Source: Gamespot

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