First Look: On the Road – Truck Simulator PS5 Gameplay – How Not to Drive a Truck

Euro Truck Simulator has been my guilty pleasure for years, and American Truck Simulator has been my guilty pleasure for months (it’s a recent-ish addition to my Steam library).

I love those games, I really do, but I have to sit at my desk to play them. I know, I could use technology to beam the image to my telly, but it’s not the same. I’ve longed for a console version of these classics for a long time. We’re not getting them anytime soon, but there is a little something that hopes to fill that niche: On the Road – Truck Simulator.

I’ve been playing around with the game today and while I’m not ready to give my final thoughts in the form of a review, I can at least share some gameplay and a couple of quick observations from my first hour trucking through Germany.

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The game is… low budget, as most of these games are. The graphics are nothing to shout about and the technical standards are at the absolute bare minimum, but it works. The idea is that you start your own trucking company and grow your business through contract work, delivering goods all across Germany. I say all across, but only 16 major cities are included, not including the city I live in. But that’s fine, because the sooner Wolfsburg is wiped from existence, the better, and if it has to start here, that’s fine by me… See you back here soon for the full review.

On the Road – Truck Simulator releases February 11th.

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